Monday, February 10, 2020

Happy Home Buffet closed for renovations until March.

Happy Home Buffet on McKnight Road has recently closed for renovations until March, a sign out front reports. The goings-on of Asian buffets are usually not remarkable, but it has been a rough few years in Pittsburgh with several large restaurants closing: including Tokyo Sushi Buffet and TJ Buffet at this McKnight Road location; Old Town Buffet (formerly Misaki) on Route 51; Dynasty in Cranberry; and Sushi Cho (formerly York Buffet) in Robinson.

This closure is also not related to the Japan Association of Greater Pittsburgh; the host restaurant of the JAGP's annual New Year's party has, coincidentally, often closed shortly thereafter, including Golden Palace in Robinson, Misaki and Old Town Buffet in the South Hills, and Tokyo Sushi Buffet in the North Hills.