Wednesday, June 2, 2021

"Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Cook-Along: Building Power One Meal at a Time," June 5.

APALA Pittsburgh will present the second of a two-part Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Cook-Along with local AAPI chefs, online June 5.
Chef Teodora Schipper ran restaurants in both Pittsburgh and Palawan before she retired. Teodora did cooking shows for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Carnegie Science Center with Lyn Parucci and The Anne Devlin Show on the WTAE channel.

All ticket sale and proceeds from the event will go to APALA Pittsburgh's COVID cash assistance fund that will support Asian, Asian American or Pacific Islander workers who experience hardship and are excluded from federal relief programs.

Last year APALA Pittsburgh distributed $65,400 in cash assistance to more than 70 families. We provided relief for restaurant workers who were laid off of faced heavily reduced hours but were unable to file for unemployment or receive stimulus checks. We provided relief for graduate student workers who continued to prep for classes and teach undergraduate students but lost part of their income.
Registration for the 6pm is required and the events is free, though donations are encouraged.