Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Eduling Speak app launches.

Linh Phung of Chatham University and Eduling International has recently launched Eduling Speak, an app "to connect English learners to talk in pairs while completing communicative tasks." More information about the app and the company, from its press release:

Eduling International Releases a New App: Eduling Speak

Connecting Language Learners to Talk in Pairs During Communicative Tasks

 Pittsburgh, PA: On May 12, 2022, Eduling International LLC or EdulingTM, a company offering online language instruction and services, released a first-of-its-kind app Eduling Speak to connect English learners to talk in pairs while completing communicative tasks. The app is like Netflix of tasks that learner can browse and select to complete daily with a friend or a random learner on the app. Because learners have to collaboratively solve a problem posed by the task, it provides them with a genuine need to communicate. The app results from Eduling’s years of research and development in task-based language teaching and gamification in langauge education. The app can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play in 176 countries in the world.

 “Task-based language teaching has been described as the orthodoxy of language instruction in many countries for decades, but it has been difficult to implement in the classroom due to the lack of materials,” explained Dr. Linh Phung, CEO of Eduling International. “This app offers well-designed tasks that are also gamified to engage learners in meaningful interactions that will drive language development.” Thanks to her 15-year work in language instruction and services, Dr. Linh Phung has recently received an Immigrant Entrepreneur Award from Global Pittsburgh. In addition, she has also received a grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council to support her work with the Eduling Speak app.

 With the goal of develop English learners’ true communicative competence, Eduling Speak offers endless speaking opportunities to English learners of all ages, proficiency levels, and countries. It fills the gap in the app market, where applications mostly focus on mechanical exercises that generally only involve repetition, immitation, and limited interaction with a machine instead of with humans. The key features of the app include:

·       It’s task-based: Leanrers need to talk to complete a task with a tangible outcome at the end

·       It’s gamified, engaging, and fun

·       It’s interactive: Learners interact with the app and with another English speaker

·       It’s like Netflix of tasks and games for learners to choose from

·       It’s borderless: It connects English speakers from any location in the world

·       It improves learners’ fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills


About Eduling International LLC: Eduling offers online English language instruction and services to students from any location, including online courses, conversation exchange programs, printed materials, and a language learning app called Eduling Speak. It is based in Pittsburgh, PA and has students from many countries in the world.