Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2022 film Shin Ultraman (シン・ウルトラマン) playing in Pittsburgh, January 11 and 12.

The 2022 Japanese superhero and kaiju film Shin Ultraman (シン・ウルトラマン) will play in Pittsburgh on January 11 and 12. From the distributor:
There’s never a dull day on Japan's newly established SSSP kaiju defense taskforce, led by Kimio Tamura, played by DRIVE MY CAR’s Hidetoshi Nishijima. After a particularly challenging encounter, a giant silver robot descends from the sky to rescue the country. Dubbed Ultraman, this robot’s identity and purpose are a mystery. SHIN ULTRAMAN is a delightful reimagining of one of Japan’s classic superheroes, full of cosmic twists, campy villains, and giants of all species. Added value includes an introduction from the film’s director, Shinji Higuchi.
It is scheduled to play locally at the Cinemark theaters in Monaca, Monroeville, North Hills, and Robinson, though more locations may be announced later. Tickets are available online: the January 11 screenings are in Japanese with English subtitles, and the January 12 screenings are dubbed in English.

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