Tuesday, January 17, 2023

New Hong Kong movie A Guilty Conscience (毒舌大狀) in Pittsburgh, from January 20.

The new Hong Kong movie A Guilty Conscience (毒舌大狀) will play in Pittsburgh from January 20. A synopsis, from the distributor:
A scandal breaks out when it is revealed that a famous supermodel might be abusing her daughter. As the rich and famous rush to take sides, the legal field does the same. Though a few prominent judges and lawyers want to give the young daughter justice, the cover-up being done by the supermodel and her connections makes it nearly impossible.

Starring 黃子華 Dayo Wong, 謝君豪 Tse Kwan Ho, 王丹妮 Louise Wong, 廖子妤 Fish Liew, 王敏德 Michael Wong, 何啟華 Dee Gor Ho, 楊偲泳 Renci Yeung, 栢天男 Adam Pak
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront and tickets are available online.

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