Friday, February 17, 2023

Many More Asian Market shares news on its upcoming move to a bigger space (and its food court!)

via @manymoreasianmarket

Yesterday Many More Asian Market shared updates on its upcoming move to a larger space this summer, to a building that will include not only larger floor space for inventory but also a food court.
Some of you might have already heard the news from the post we were tagged in…. Yes! We are moving into a bigger, newer, and more spacious location down the street at 2767 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Pa 15222.
During the move, our current location will still operate as normal.
The planned move will happen between June-August. The new space will accommodate not only Many More Asian Market that now carries both Asian and Western groceries , it will include a food court as well. The food court will feature an Asian bakery, bubble tea, Chinese BBQ, and Sushi stalls etc…Expect to enjoy delicious cake and drinks, freshly made roast duck and Char Siu, fresh sushi, and MANY MORE FOODS!!!! Yayyyyyy~~🎉🎉🎉🎉
Woooow! It’s crazy how time flies! We remember when the store first opened, we didn't even have a pos system yet…. Literally, did a soft opening with sticky notes everywhere, price tag stickers on items, checking out customer with a calculator and an old fashioned cash register. Back then, we thought to ourself while looking at the still half empty shelves “Wow, how much more stuff will we have to be able to sell in order to fill this store up?” Feeling anxious and nervous…. Then here we are today….Wayyyyyy out grew from where we were. Now our store feels tiny!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!
Thank you everyone, especially those who have been with us from the beginning when everything felt like chaos! You guys helped us grow into what we have become today! As a family owned business, we’ve been lucky to have shared our customers’ stories such as finding their first jobs, just getting married, starting a family etc… Seeing those families grow and come to the market, the feeling of being able to be a tiny part of our customers' lives means so much to us…. We hope you guys also feel great to be a huge part of our stories.
We really appreciate all of you. This will be a huge “next chapter” for our store! We have been through a lot together, especially when the pandemic hit. We’re very glad we made it and you guys are still with us! This new location will be more spacious (no more squeezing through the store! Yay!) and have better air circulation ! With these updates we can better serve our customers for a long long long time ahead!!
via @manymoreasianmarket

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