Sunday, July 31, 2022

Asian Lantern Festival at Pittsburgh Zoo, August 12 - October 30.

The Pittsburgh Zoo will host the second annual Asian Lantern Festival from August 12 through October 30.
Something big is roaring back to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium this fall: the Asian Lantern Festival will return with an all-new display!

Explore the Zoo at night among more than 50 glowing, larger-than-life handcrafted sculptures, featuring extinct and endangered animals. Learn about Asian culture and enjoy themed food and entertainment.

You won’t want to miss the all-new Asian Lantern Festival, select nights Friday, August 12 – Sunday, October 30.
Tickets for the general public are now available.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

2010 Japanese animated movie Bleach: Hell Verse (劇場版BLEACH 地獄篇) in Pittsburgh, August 25.

The 2010 Japanese animated movie Bleach: Hell Verse (劇場版BLEACH 地獄篇) will play in Pittsburgh on August 25.
BLEACH fans unite! It’s been 20 years since the story of Ichigo Kurosaki was first published and exciting things are in store for the rest of 2022! Before the BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War anime begins this fall, come together in celebration by watching one of the most exciting BLEACH movies ever released along with its prologue. You’ll be rewarded with a collectible BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War lanyard, bonus content featuring Johnny Yong Bosch (the English voice of Ichigo), Sung Won Cho (aka ProZD), and more!
It will play locally in Japanese with English subtitles at the AMC Loews Waterfront, the Cinemark theater in Robinson, and the Chartiers Valley Luxury 14. Tickets are available online.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

New Hong Kong movie Detectives vs. Sleuths (神探大戰) in Pittsburgh, from July 29.

The new Hong Kong movie Detectives vs. Sleuths (神探大戰) will play in Pittsburgh from July 29.
When Hong Kong is rocked by multiple gruesome murders, the police forms a task force to investigate. Jun (Sean Lau), once a brilliant detective who suffered a mental breakdown, begins his own investigation. Eventually, the police learn that the murder victims are all suspects of cold cases being rubbed out by a figure known as "The Sleuth". Now, Jun and a detective from the task force are on a race against time to beat the brutal killer at its own game.
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront and tickets are available online.

2021 Japanese film Inu-oh (犬王) at Row House Cinema, from August 12.

The 2021 Japanese film Inu-oh (犬王) will play at the Row House Cinema from August 12 through 18, part of its "In Case You Missed It" series.
From Masaaki Yuasa, one of the most brilliant minds in animation, comes a new rock opera following a superstar of the 14th century who suffers a family curse. When he meets a blind musician, they form a band loved by all of Japan. But when those in power threaten to divide them, Inu-oh and Tomona must dance and sing to uncover the truth behind their creative gifts.
Tickets are available online. The single-screen theater is located at 4115 Butler Street in Lawrenceville (map).

Everything Everywhere All at Once returns to Pittsburgh-area theaters, from July 29.

The Daniel Kwan movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, starring Michelle Yeoh, will return to Pittsburgh-area theaters from July 29.
Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as Daniels, the film is a hilarious and big-hearted sci-fi action adventure about an exhausted Chinese American woman (Michelle Yeoh) who can't seem to finish her taxes.
It will play locally at the AMC theaters at the Waterfront and in Greensburg, and the Cinemark theater in Monaca, and tickets are available online.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

1989 film Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便) in Pittsburgh, July 31, August 1, August 3.

The 1989 film Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便) will play in Pittsburgh on July 31, August 1, and August 3 as part of this year's GKIDS Ghibli Fest. A synopsis, from the distributor:
Celebrate this beloved coming-of-age story from the legendary Studio Ghibli, creators of Spirited Away, and Academy Award®-winning director Hayao Miyazaki, about a resourceful young witch who uses her broom to create a delivery service, only to lose her gift of flight in a moment of self-doubt.

It is a tradition for all young witches to leave their families on the night of a full moon and fly off into the wide world to learn their craft. When that night comes for Kiki, she embarks on her new journey with her sarcastic black cat, Jiji, landing the next morning in a seaside village, where her unique skills make her an instant sensation.
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront, the Chartiers Valley Luxury, and the Cinemark theaters in Monroeville, North Hills, and Robinson. Tickets are available online; the July 31 and August 3 shows are dubbed in English while the August 1 shows are in Japanese with English subtitles.

Environmental Charter School hiring high school Mandarin teacher.

The Environmental Charter School in East Liberty is (still) hiring a high school Mandarin Chinese teacher for the 2022-2023 academic year.
The High School Mandarin Teacher has strong teaching abilities, an understanding of pedagogy and instructional practices, fluency in Mandarin, and a strong interest in environmental studies. The Mandarin Teacher works collaboratively within a team of educators in a High School setting. The teacher works closely with his/her specialist team and provides an introduction to Mandarin in an age-appropriate and developmentally-responsive manner. This role requires experience in language instruction for high school age students. Candidates should be energetic and progressive minded, with a willingness to work collaboratively with grade level and specialist teams.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Chang Chun Chemical Corporation hiring bilingual Mandarin-English sales assistant.

Chang Chun Chemical Corporation in Wexford is hiring a bilingual Mandarin-English sales assistant.

Chang Chun Chemical Corporation (PA, USA) is seeking a Sales Administrative Assistant!

We offer a rich benefits package that includes:

Medical Insurance

Paid Holidays

Paid Time Off and Sick Leave

Chang Chun Group is one of the largest chemical producers in Taiwan, with headquarters in Taipei. It is their mission to fulfill every commitment to customers on quality, value, and services. We achieve this every day by centering around our business philosophy of:

  • Integrity
  • Customer First
  • Creative Innovations

Having locations in several regions of the world, Chang Chun Group established Chang Chun Chemical Corporation (CCCC), with the Sales Operation team located in Wexford, PA. This office is responsible for the sales and distribution of services in North America. Chang Chun Chemical Corporation is seeking a Sales Administrative Assistant to join and help pioneer our team. It is desired for the right candidate to communicate in English and in Mandarin, but it is not required.

If this sounds like a good fit and you want to join a team of like-minded professionals, let’s go!

Please read the information below and submit your resume!

What will I be doing?

The Sales Administrative Assistant provides clerical and minor technical support for our United States Sales teams. The ideal candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills, be detailed and organized, and is proficient in Microsoft Excel and other programs. Although, it is highly desirable for this candidate to be bilingual in Mandarin and English, it is not required.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Food delivery service Hungry Panda hiring Mandarin-speaking Marketing Specialist for Pittsburgh area.

Hungry Panda is again hiring a Mandarin-speaking Marketing Specialist for the Pittsburgh area. As PennsylvAsia noted in Summer 2020, more Chinese delivery options, like Fantuan and Chowbus, have made their way to Pittsburgh.

Main Objective: Activate new users and increase orders for existing customers, promote online and outdoor market campaigns to increase the branding visibility, conduct customer surveys to increase customer satisfaction, Responsible for new users acquisition, customer retention and satisfaction, daily sales volume and revenue.

  • Utilize social media to attract new customers and increase engagement with existing customers
  • Work closely with the design and content teams to build effective marketing strategy
  • Conduct market research, design campaign cooperation with KOLs and related companies
  • Responsible for the planning and execution of local market campaigns to increase daily average users
  • Collect and analyze operational and marketing data collected from previous marketing campaigns, and adjust marketing strategies

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

2022 film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (ドラゴンボール 超 スーパーヒーロー) in Pittsburgh, from August 18.

The 2022 film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (ドラゴンボール 超 スーパーヒーロー) will play in Pittsburgh from August 18 through 24.
The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two Androids call themselves “Super Heroes”. They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the New Red Ribbon Army’s objective? In the face of approaching danger, it is time to awaken, Super Hero!
The movie was the top-grossing film in Japan its opening weekend of June 11-12, and is the eighth-highest earning domestic film in Japan this year so far. It is currently scheduled to play at the AMC theaters in Waterfront, South Hills, and Mt. Lebanon; the Cinemark Theaters in Monroeville, North Hills, and Robinson; and the Waterworks Cinema. Tickets are available online, but please note that some shows are in English with Japanese subtitles while others are dubbed in English.