Friday, July 3, 2020

More delivery options for Asian restaurants, groceries, potentially on the way to Pittsburgh.

There have been a few job postings in Pittsburgh recently for places like Just Order Enterprises (饭团) and Chowbus, two companies that specialize in delivery services for Asian restaurants and groceries in other cities. Just Order Enterprises is another name for Fantuan, founded in Canada in 2014 as
one of the top Asian life-services platforms in North America, currently operating across Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and other metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.
Chowbus was started in Chicago in 2016 as
a food delivery platform providing high quality, authentic Asian food to its customers in North America
and currently operates in 19 US cities including Ann Arbor, New York, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

Both are currently hiring for positions in Pittsburgh: Just Order Enterprises for a Chinese-speaking City Manager, and Chowbus for a General Manager - Pittsburgh (Chinese Speaking).

I've heard talk for a while about more third-party delivery services coming that would service Asian groceries and restaurants here, but nothing specific. Pittsburgh did briefly have WholeChi (豪吃匹兹堡) circa 2014, which provided home delivery options for local Asian groceries, though the service no longer exists. Neither Fantuan or Chowbus have made public a timetable for any potential expansion to Pittsburgh.

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