Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bruster's ice cream looking at South Korea.

A quick line from a Bruster's press release yesterday caught my eye. The last paragraph:
Bruster's expects to add both domestic and international locations, including units in shopping centers, race tracks, airports and other non-traditional sites. The chain also is developing a franchisee referral and incentive program to be introduced this summer, with the goal of adding shops in current U.S. markets and western states. International markets being targeted include South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
Bruster's is a chain based in Beaver County, PA, with 200 locations in the eastern US (and one in Guyana). Elsewhere in the release:
"Bruster's historically has been a spring-summer destination," [Chief Executive Jim] Sahene added. "Adding units with indoor seating, expanding into non-traditional locations and offering a wider array of products will create opportunities for guests to enjoy Bruster's year-round and on more occasions."

New products and flavors, such as meal replacements and snacks, including fresh fruit smoothies with protein powder, as well as regular and Greek soft-serve yogurts, are in development. They will be served in a fun, entertaining "treat theater" style and a colorful new environment. Guests will enjoy more ways to personalize their treats.
If Bruster's does open in Korea, its ice cream will complete most fiercely with Baskin Robbins (1,045 locations) and Cold Stone Creamery (51 locations), two popular and ubiquitous western chains there. Red Mango (94 locations) and Smoothie King (111 locations) are two others covering similar territory. Surprisingy, self-serve yogurt places like Razzy Fresh or Sweet Berry---where customers choose their own flavors of soft-serve and add their own toppings---haven't taken off.

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