Saturday, April 30, 2016

Steelers' second round draft choice can speak Chinese.

Sean Davis, the Pittsburgh Steelers' second round draft choice in 2016, can count Chinese as one of the three languages he speaks. That's according to his University of Maryland bio that's been quoted in subsequent press releases, and according to a 2012 article profiling him out of high school when he committed to the Terapins:
Something that not many people know about you: “I studied Chinese for three years. I’m tri-lingual – English, Chinese and French. I’ve been speaking French for about five years. I picked up Chinese for three years in high school. … I dropped [it this year]. If I hear it and they’re not speaking too fast, I can understand it. The characters are still pretty hard. I haven’t really mastered it. I probably never will because I dropped it. But I can read books and write letters.”
For what they're worth, a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article and a tweet from a 93.7 The Fan producer say he is fluent.