Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zhiwan Cheung: Hanging Fruit at Andy Warhol Museum, from May 11.

The Andy Warhol Museum will host Zhiwan Cheung's original installation Hanging Fruit as part of its Exposures series from May 11 through August 14. The museum provides a summary:
Cheung’s practice focuses on the intersection of personal history, identity, and place. Through installation and video, Cheung explores the seemingly banal details of our everyday lives that can harbor important messages about race. The naming conventions of house paints such as Chinatown Orange, 50YR 18/650, found in home improvement stores and sold by Glidden Paints, is one example of how stereotypes are deeply rooted in our commercial society. For this window installation, Cheung places large plastic banana trees painted in bold, Chinatown Orange. One can find references to Warhol’s 1966 Velvet Underground album cover, now an iconic image of the screen-printed banana, with the exposed fruit on the inside of the cover. Store products hang within and emerge from the trees—a juxtaposition that speaks to the close connection between identity and commercial consumption.
On May 14, the museum will host an Artist Talk with Cheung at 2:00 pm.

Zhiwan Cheung is a Pittsburgh-based artist currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Carnegie Mellon University. More information about him and his work is available on his website.

The Warhol is located at 117 Sandusky St. on the Northside (map). It's open every day but Monday, and adult admission is $20.