Monday, October 24, 2016

ACA Compliance Group hiring part-time Mandarin Chinese Language Email - Social Media - Document Analyst.

The Mt. Lebanon office of ACA Compliance Group is still hiring an Email - Social Media - Document Analyst proficient in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese. An excerpt of the job posting, which originally went up in June but added the Mandarin component in September:

ACA Compliance Group, the leading regulatory compliance consulting firm in the U.S., has established an office in Pittsburgh dedicated to our electronic communication surveillance service line. Email Data Analysts search email archives for potentially problematic messages, identify regulatory risks, and draft reports outlining findings. The Email Data Analyst position offers flexible hours (a minimum of 16 per work week) and a pleasant working environment. Email Data Analysts receive extensive training regarding securities regulation and must be strong writers with the ability to quickly learn financial and legal concepts.

Position Objective: This position is primarily responsible for conducting careful analyses of clients electronic communications for potential regulatory deficiencies, and for drafting reports to our clients summarizing our findings.
Compensation starts at $20 per hour. More information available via the posting.