Sunday, October 8, 2017

Japanese rock band Boris (ボリス) in Pittsburgh, October 27.

Japanese band Boris (ボリス) will play at Mr. Smalls Theater on October 27. Boris---which has tried to eschew labels but has been labelled heavy metal and experimental rock---is touring Europe and the US for its 25th Anniversary Tour. The Pittsburgh City-Paper summarized Boris ahead of a 2007 show here:
Three Japanese musicians merge into one pure vacuum of rock influence by absorbing every hyphenated, italicized and marginalized genre. Atsuo (drums), Wata (guitar) and Takeshi (bass) have fashioned a stellar compass of sounds since they first coalesced in 1992. Boris affords its members a sort of artistic invisibility, a singular tri-dentity capable of boundless experimentation. Last names are always withheld and song credits littered with intentional errors to further dissociate the music from its makers.
Tickets for the all-ages show are $18 to $20 online. Mr. Smalls Theatre is located at 400 Lincoln Ave. in Millvale (map).