Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Top two movies in China, Operation Red Sea (红海行动) and Detective Chinatown 2 (唐人街·探案2) , continue in Pittsburgh through March 7 (at least).

The top two movies currently playing in China, Operation Red Sea (红海行动) and Detective Chinatown 2 (唐人街·探案2), will continue in Pittsburgh through March 7.

The Chinese-Hong Kong film Operation Red Sea (红海行动), currently the top movie in Mainland China, opened at the AMC Loews Waterfront theater on February 23. The production company provides a synopsis:
The Chinese Navy’s Jiaolong (“Sea Dragon”) Assault Team is famed for its skill in getting the job done. After its success in rescuing a cargo ship hijacked by pirates off the Somalia coast, the team is assigned an even more perilous mission. A coup in a North African republic has left local Chinese residents in danger, circumstances further complicated by a terrorist plot to obtain nuclear materials. The situation could prove fatal to the hostages and disastrous to the entire region, and presents Jiaolong with a challenge that threatens the very existence of the team and its members.
Tickets and showtime information is available via Fandango.

Detective Chinatown 2 opened in Pittsburgh on February 16, over Lunar New Year weekend, and remains the highest-grossing film of 2018 in China. The first installment, Detective Chinatown, was released in 2015 and was the ninth-highest grossing domestic film in Mainland China that year. The theater provides a synopsis of the sequel:
A follow up to the Chinese hit “Detective Chinatown,” the new film reunites writer/director Chen Sicheng and stars Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran, who reprise their roles as detectives Tang Ren and Qin Feng, respectively. When the case of New York Chinatown godfather Uncle Qi’s missing son turns into a murder investigation, the detective duo Tang and Qin team up again to hunt down the killer—this time with some help from the International Detective Alliance.
Ticket and showtime information for all three movies are available online via Fandango. The theater is located at 300 West Waterfront Dr. in the Waterfront shopping complex in Homestead (map), across the Monongahela River from Greenfield, Squirrel Hill, and the rest of Pittsburgh.