Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1975 film The Man From Hong Kong (直搗黃龍) online with Row House Cinema, August 1.

The Row House Cinema will present the 1975 Australia-Hong Kong film The Man From Hong Kong (直搗黃龍) on August 1. This live stream will feature commentary from the director and the head programmer of Portland's Hollywood Theatre.
Join us this Saturday, August 1st at 9:15 pm EDT, for the live stream of "Man from Hong Kong" on 36cinema.com!

Dan Halsted—head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre—and Brian Trenchard Smith—film writer, author, and director of "Man From Hong Kong"—will provide live commentary during this special presentation.

Visit http://36cinema.com/RowHouse to secure your spot!

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG is a rare success, both in terms of blending Eastern and Western action styles and of providing a snapshot of how no-holds-barred Aussie cinema was at the time. This movie is filled with non-stop excitement and wild stunt work.
The Facebook event page gives the incorrect date; the film will play on August 1. Tickets for the 9:15 pm show are $10.