Monday, September 7, 2020

"Harbor From the Holocaust," documentary on European Jews who fled to Shanghai in the 1930s, premieres on WQED, September 8.

The new documentary "Harbor From the Holocaust" will premiere on WQED, Pittsburgh's PBS affiliate, on September 8. The University of Pittsburgh's Asian Studies Center newsletter provides more information:
18,000 Jewish families were able to escape from Europe to China during World War II because of the good deeds of one Chinese official, Ho Feng-Shen. These Jewish families, called Shanghailanders, lived and worked along side Chinese families in a small section of Shanghai’s occupied area. There are a surprisingly large number of Pittsburgh connections to the story of the Shanghailander Jews. The granddaughter of Ho Feng-Shen lives in Pittsburgh as does the grand-niece of the principal of the Jewish school in Shanghai. These connections intrigued Michele Ferrier of the Asian Studies Center and Daryl Ford-Williams from WQED, the Pittsburgh PBS station. Now after almost 6 years of work, several grants, and many trips to China, we are proud to announce the grand premier of the film Harbor from the Holocaust on WQED Tuesday September 8 at 10 pm EDT. We hope that you enjoy this fascinating and unsung World War II story, and look out for more teaching and engagement content about this topic in the weeks and months ahead.
It will play on WQED and stream on the PBS website at 10:00 pm EST.

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