Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"Inclusivity in the Asian Community: Above and Beyond an Acronym" with Pitt's Asian Student Alliance, September 2.

The Asian Student Alliance at the University of Pittsburgh will present "Inclusivity in the Asian Community: Above and Beyond an Acronym" online on September 2.
Reworked and revamped from Pitt’s Diversity Forum, ASA introduces (again) Inclusivity in the Asian Community: Above and Beyond an Acronym! Content curated by ASA, CASA, FSA, JSA, KSA, SASA, and VSA, we will be discussing inclusivity and why the words we use are important when referring to our community. With so many different acronyms that describe the Asian and Pacific Islander community, it’s difficult to navigate which is the right term to use in the right context, while still ensuring that our language is inclusive. In this workshop we will explore the different acronyms for the Asian and Pacific Island diaspora, why each was created, and more broadly, the large disparities between groups within our community. We will also discuss how the Model Minority Myth drives misconceptions and disparities, in addition to impacting relations with other marginalized communities -- ultimately, explaining why the acronyms and language we use are important.
The 9:00 pm event is free and open to the Pitt community.

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