Wednesday, January 26, 2022

No Lunar New Year parade in Squirrel Hill in 2022.

via @LunarNewYearPGH

Although one website is promoting a parade next week, there will not be a Lunar New Year parade in Squirrel Hill in 2022. The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition shared in its newsletter:
Happy Lunar New Year! We look forward to welcoming the Year of the Tiger on February 1st with celebrations lasting for two weeks. The Year of the Tiger will be marked with big changes, risk-taking, adventure, and enthusiasm – both for ourselves and for others. Sadly, there will be no community celebrations this year due to Covid-19.
The Lunar New Year parade has moved up Murray Ave. in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood since 2016, capping a couple weeks of festivities, performances, and dining specials in the area. In spite of this year's hiatus, one tourism website atop the Google results does suggest the event will run on February 1 and 2; however, this Ukraine-based website has simply copied-pasted last year's article with a suggested 2022 date.

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