Sunday, January 23, 2022

Thao performing in Pittsburgh, March 23.

Singer-songwriter Thao will perform at Mr. Smalls Theatre on Wednesday, March 23. American Songwriter wrote of her latest album last fall:
The artist brought [. . .] feelings of vibrancy and clarity to the new Temple Deluxe Edition. To make the lush new bonus songs, which are themselves overflowing with thoughtful string arrangements, Nguyen recruited a friend of hers in Seattle. It was a collaboration that started during the pandemic. Nguyen needed strings for a Tiny Desk recording and, for that, she tapped two cello-playing neighbors and arranger Alex Guy. And so when Nguyen needed strings for the deluxe release, she asked Guy, who helped happily.

“It was a chance to highlight the lyrical content of these songs,” Nguyen says. “And the emotions behind them. With full rock band arrangements, which I love, different attentions are paid in different ways. For these songs, I wanted to highlight their emotional bones.”
Doors open at 7:00 pm and tickets for the all-ages show are available online starting at $20. Mr. Smalls Theatre is located at 400 Lincoln Ave. in Millvale (map)