Friday, March 11, 2022

Signage up for new Chengdu Gourmet location, coming soon to McKnight Road.

Signage is now up for the new Chengdu Gourmet location. Routinely named among the best Chinese restaurants in the city---and its head chef routeinly named among the best in the country---it announced a new location on McKnight Road last July. For more information, please see Hal B. Klein's article in Pittsburgh Magazine last summer.
There will be two significant distinctions [between the two restaurants]: Zhu plans to install tanks that will allow him to sell fresh-as-can-be fish and shellfish, and he’ll offer an expanded selection of Americanized-Chinese dishes (which were dialed-back in Squirrel Hill a few years ago) to better serve North Hills diners new to Sichuan cuisine.

The ample space will offer expanded seating, including two private dining rooms, a sushi counter and, as Zhu has acquired a liquor license for the new restaurant, a bar. “It’s going to be a much bigger restaurant. Everyone will be happy when they come here,” Zhu says.
It will be located at 4768 McKnight Road (map), in what was formerly Oriental Market (which moved up the street last year).