Saturday, September 30, 2023

2022 Korean film Hail to Hell (지옥만세) in Pittsburgh October 6 as part of SCREENSHOT:Asia Film Festival.

The 2022 Korean film Hail to Hell (지옥만세) will play in Pittsburgh on October 6 as part of this year's SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Festival.
In this black comedy from Na Mi and Sun Woo, who have been suffering from bullying and school violence throughout their school days, attempt suicide while their classmates go on a school trip. After the silly yet ridiculous suicide failure, the two try to take revenge on Chae Rin, who bullied them most and now lives happily in Seoul. However, their plans go awry. Ridiculously, Chae Rin, the worst bully ever, has found religion and has turned into a genuinely good person. What should they do now?
The festival posts viewer warnings about violence, language, and suicidal ideation. The movie plays at 5:30 pm in the Harris Theater, in Pittsburgh's Cultural District (map), and tickets are available online. SCREENSHOT: Asia screenings are free to those with Pitt IDs, so those guests may show them at the door to gain entrance, space permitting.

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