Saturday, September 30, 2023

Work underway on Pittsburgh's first Paris Baguette.

In mid-August Pittsburgh's first Paris Baguette was announced for The Block Northway, and work is underway on the space it will occupy on the lower leven next to Blaze Pizza. The Block Northway is a shopping center on McKnight Road that emerged from the remnants of the old Northway Mall.
via @parisbaguetteus

Paris Baguette is a chain of Korean bakeries ubiquitous throughout South Korea that has over 150 locations across the United States. The menu boasts a wide variety of cakes, baked goods, sandwiches, juices, and coffees, in addition its eponymous French bread. It has several spots in Philadelphia already, and had a Youngstown location listed as "coming soon" though mention of it was removed from the website earlier this month. Paris Baguette's arrival is part of a boom in new Asian restaurants, particularly chain restaurants, making their way to Pittsburgh.

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