Saturday, November 11, 2023

enkompas Technology Solutions hiring Bilingual (English and Mandarin) Project Manager.

enkompas Technology Solutions is hiring a Bilingual (English and Mandarin) Project Manager.
Bilingual (English and Mandarin) Project Manager - UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
Location: Remote (within the United States), with availability during National Standard Time in Taiwan
Contract: Duration: 5 to 6 months
Compensation is commensurate with experience

We are seeking a highly skilled and bilingual Project Manager specializing in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) for a short-term contract. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in project management, fluent Mandarin language skills, and hands-on experience with UCaaS projects. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in coordinating and managing project activities, ensuring successful project delivery, and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders.


Project Planning and Coordination:

Develop detailed project plans outlining tasks, timelines, and resource requirements.
Coordinate and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with project objectives.
Identify and mitigate potential risks and challenges throughout the project lifecycle.
Unified Communications Expertise:

Leverage expertise in UCaaS to guide project teams and make informed decisions.
Ensure that UCaaS solutions align with project goals and meet client requirements.
Stay abreast of industry trends and best practices in UCaaS implementation.
Bilingual Communication:

Facilitate effective communication between English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking team members.
Translate project documentation and communications as needed.
Act as a bridge between the U.S. team and stakeholders in Taiwan, ensuring smooth collaboration.
Stakeholder Engagement:

Engage with key stakeholders to understand project requirements and expectations.
Provide regular updates on project progress, milestones, and potential challenges.
Address stakeholder concerns and ensure a high level of satisfaction.
Time Zone Management:

Adapt to the National Standard Time in Taiwan to accommodate meetings, updates, and collaboration.
Efficiently manage and schedule tasks to accommodate the time difference.

Proven experience as a Project Manager, specifically in UCaaS projects.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with fluency in both Mandarin and English.
Familiarity with National Standard Time in Taiwan and ability to work during those hours.
PMP or other relevant project management certifications are a plus.
Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
Problem-solving skills with a keen attention to detail.
How to Apply:
Interested candidates should submit their resume, a cover letter outlining their relevant experience, and references to [Email Address].

Note: This is a short-term contract position, and the successful candidate will be expected to work remotely within the United States while accommodating the time zone difference for Taiwan.

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