Friday, March 22, 2024

Signage up at Pittsburgh's first Tiger Sugar, Mango Mango locations.

Signage has recently gone up at Pittsburgh's first Tiger Sugar and Mango Mango locations, which will be sharing a storefront in Squirrel Hill. The two dessert chains have been working on the spot that was most recently a beer distributor at 5847-5849 Forbes Ave. (map) since May 2023.

Mango Mango is a New York City-based, Hong Kong-inspired, dessertery opening in Squirrel Hill in a storefront shared by Tiger Sugar. The menu includes a large assortment of cakes, crepe cakes, sago, shaved ice, smoothies, and more. "Only the most sophisticated cooking methods and finest ingredients (including all the freshest mangoes) are used to create handcrafted desserts like our Mango Mochi, Green Tea Mille Crepe, Durian Dessert Bowl, and the famously known coconut mango infused smoothie," Mango Mango boasts. There are over 30 locations in 12 states, and this will be Pittsburgh's first.

Tiger Sugar is a Taiwanese bubble tea chain that opened in 2017 and has been expanding rapidly across the US in recent years. The closest taste Pittsburghers have had are the black sugar boba ice cream bars, desserts, bottled drinks, or gift sets that sometimes show up in local Asian groceries. There are roughly six thousand places in the area already serving bubble tea, but Tiger Sugar has some eponymous coloration that makes it stand out among its competitors: "Our Tiger Sugar drinks not only taste good but tell our unique story with “tiger stripes” that are infused onto all our drinks with unique hand-poured syrups. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Many companies have tried to replicate our black sugar bubble tea, but our tried and proven methods stand the test of time."

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