Thursday, May 16, 2019

2018 Chinese film Long Day's Journey Into the Night (地球最后的夜晚) in Pittsburgh, from June 21.

The 2018 Chinese film Long Day's Journey Into the Night (地球最后的夜晚) will play in Pittsburgh from June 21 through 27. An April Atlantic review calls it "a gorgeous and impossible puzzle of a movie that could become a cult hit when it arrives in the United States."
The plot of Long Day’s Journey, which has nothing to do with the Eugene O’Neill play of the same name, centers on three characters: Luo (played by Huang Jue), a man haunted by his time as a youth in 2000; Luo’s long-lost lover, Wan Qiwen (Tang Wei); and a childhood pal named Wildcat, who was murdered. Roughly 20 years after Wildcat’s death, Luo tries to find Qiwen again and dig into the mystery of what happened between them decades prior. But any simple explanation for what’s going on is never offered. As Long Day’s Journey progresses, its meaning becomes more elusive, and its narrative strands stubbornly refuse to tie together.
The movie will play at the Regent Square Theater at 1035 South Braddock Ave. (map). Tickets and showtime information have not yet been released.