Friday, May 31, 2019

Homestay hosts needed for Chinese, Japanese, Korean visitors this year.

GlobalPittsburgh shares news of its needs for host families from July through next January for various cohorts of visitors, including Korean English teachers, Chinese students, and Japanese students from Yasuda University.

July 21 – August 18 – hosts for the 43 Korean teachers of English needed. Some of them have already been placed. The hosts would live on the direct but to Oakland. Hosts to can host multiple people (two and three) are encouraged to reply. I would consider Airbnb properties as well if the hosts are willing to provide meals. Compensation for hosting is $750/month per person ($700 prorated to the number of days they are staying at the hosts’ homes) with breakfast, dinner and a given opportunity to pack lunch from home. The trainees will be away for 2 weekends during their stay.

July 28 – August 24 - hosts needed for the 30 Chinese college students who will be coming to Pittsburgh through Chatham University for the summer camp program. Hosts would live on the bus line. Hosts can host multiple students and they can share a room. Compensation will be $660/month with breakfast and dinner.

August 24 – January 19, 2010 – hosts interested in hosting Yasuda students are encouraged to respond. This will be our 4th year hosting the Japanese female. The hosts would live on the bus line to Oakland and provide breakfast, dinner and an opportunity for a student to pack lunch. There should be no male students in the house. Compensation will be $750/month.
Those interested should complete a New Host family Application Form.