Friday, August 2, 2019

"One of the worst films of the year," She's Just a Shadow, in Pittsburgh from August 2 through 9.

2019's She's Just a Shadow, filmed and set in Tokyo, will play at the Parkway Theater from August 2 through 9. From a July New York Times review:
Shot in Tokyo and with a mostly English-speaking Japanese cast and crew, this lurid blood bath centers on an impassive madam and her gaggle of under-occupied, over-embellished working girls. Two of these are vying for the addled attentions of a snaggletoothed gangster-addict whose boss controls the city’s sex trade and black markets. Not for much longer, however, if the madam and her poisonous mother have their way.

The San Francisco Chronicle calls it one of the worst films of the year, and the Times writes:
I wouldn’t dare to predict who might cough up admission for this; but if watching prostitutes guzzle Twinkies and swallow handguns is your thing, then by all means come on down.
The theater is located at 644 Broadway Ave. in McKees Rocks (map), and showtime information is available online.