Friday, April 3, 2020

1985 North Korean monster film Pulgasari (불가사리) with Pitt's Online:Screenshot, April 10.

The University of Pittsburgh's Asian Studies Center and Screenshot: Asia festival will present an online screening of the North Korean monster film Pulgasari (불가사리) on April 10.
Pulgasari (1985) is a North Korean dark fantasy film about a selfish king’s attempt to foil the working class’ plan to overthrow him from power. Built by a blacksmith, the tiny Pulgasari only becomes alive and grows after eating the blacksmith daughter’s blood and an assortment of tools. The monster soon earns a vital role in the battle between the working class and the king and his royal army. For those looking for something to do during this time of social distancing, SCREENSHOT: ASIA will be offering a free online screening of Pulgasari with an introduction by Pitt professor Mark Best.

Please join us on Friday, April 10th at 3 PM on Zoom (online). To register, please visit
Screenshot: Asia is a forthcoming Asian film festival scheduled in Pittsburgh for Fall 2020.

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