Monday, November 16, 2020

Jasmine Cho honored as CommUNITY Champion.

Baker, author, and activist Jasmine Cho is recognized by WTAE news today as a CommUNITY Champion.
Cho said, "There's this representation and example of possibility when you see somebody whose story and whose face looks like yours."

Cho is Korean American. She studied art therapy at Carlow University and was part of designing a mural. She said the cookies help her in two ways. Baking them is therapeutic and decorating the cookies reconnects her to her heritage.

"Gathering these missing pieces of my personal identity. I feel like I'm on this continuous excavation of my history so there's a lot of mixed feeling between feeling very liberated and empowered but also very angry and sad that I didn't learn about these people sooner," said Cho.

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