Monday, November 9, 2020

Selections from China, Japan, Korea part of 2020 Film Pittsburgh Fall Festival, November 11 through 22.

Selections from China, Japan, and Korea will help compriise the 2020 Film Pittsburgh Fall Festival, which runs online from November 11 through 22.

"Aida," a 10-minute film from the US and Japan.
A young mother is stuck between development and decay.
"Angel's Mirror," a 14-minute Chinese short film.
A group of young boys are fascinated by a girl who spends her days looking out the window.
Beethoven in Beijing, a 2020 documentary.
The often-tense relationship between the U.S. and China is seen through a different lens in Beethoven in Beijing. Targeted for elimination during the Communist Revolution, Western classical music had all but disappeared from China. But in 1973, Chinese interest in classical music was rekindled when President Nixon dispatched the Philadelphia Orchestra to help open the bamboo curtain. Co-directed by Duquesne University alumna and former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter, Jennifer Lin, the film gives a compelling, up-close look at how music can change hearts and minds–and history.
"Beyond Noh," a four-minute short from the US and Japan.
Masks from all over the world take us on a cultural journey through ritual, utility, deviance, and politics.
"Pangu," a six-minute short from the US and China.
A modern tale about parenthood and the differences between generations.
"Son of Memory," a 19-minute film from Japan.
What if you could bring back your loved one for 49 days?
"Tiger and Ox," a nine-minute short from South Korea.
What does divorce mean to women in a patriarchal Korean society?
Tickets are available for purchase for full-length films on their own, or for short films as part of blocks.