Thursday, April 8, 2021

CMU's annual Matsuri 2021, online April 9 - 10.

Carnegie Mellon University's Japanese Student Association presents a Matsuri ("festival") each spring, though this year's event has shifted online April 9 and 10, with a focus on supporting local Japanese businesses. From its Facebook page:
This year, JSA is launching a virtual Matsuri, with all kinds of opportunities to engage with Japanese music, film, food and games! This year, we're launching Matsuri to advocate for local Japanese businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Get ready for some authentic culture and fun!
This year for Matsuri, we’ll be showcasing several performances, highlighting all kinds of traditional Japanese music, dance and literature. During our YouTube live stream, you’ll be able to see all of these featured artists and creators. These performances will feature centuries-old practice from Japan as well as other regions of the world. We hope you’ll join us!
This year, JSA is supporting local Japanese restaurants and stores affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can support your favorite local stores in two ways:
1. Order in food from restaurants like sushi fuku, fujiya ramen, and teppanyaki kyoto at a spicy discount price!
2. Buy care packages for yourself and your friends and pick it up at the UC.
Thank you for supporting your local stores and make sure to come to our other matsuri event as well!
Matsuri 2021 will feature both synchronous and asynchronous games that will allow participants to choose which type of games they want to join in. For the main synchronous session, we will be holding a virtual escape room, where participants will solve different puzzles as fast as possible for the prize! Across the duration of Matsuri, there will be new challenges posted at the start of the day and participants will submit video responses of the challenges to earn points, and the person with the most points at the end will win! There will also be shorter questions or brainteasers posted on social media for smaller prizes.
Visit each day's portal to access the online activities.