Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Cleveland Zoo suing Pittsburgh Zoo over Asian Lantern Festival.

via @pghzoo

The Cleveland Zoo is suing the Pittsburgh Zoo over the latter's upcoming Asian Lantern Festival, which is alleged to infringe on the longstanding festival in Cleveland.
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo went to court Friday in a fight over one of its biggest annual attractions, the Asian Lantern Festival.

The Metroparks filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Cleveland to stop the Pittsburgh Zoo from using the same name and similar marketing material for an event it is planning later this summer. The filing seeks a temporary restraining order and an injunction.
The Pittsburgh version is scheduled to run from August 14 through October 30. I've written before about how an Asian lantern festival, at least one inspired by the annual festival in Jinju, South Korea, would be an excellent use of the city's rivers.