Wednesday, July 14, 2021

October's Screenshot Asia gets 2021 Pitt Seed Grant funding.

"Screenshot Asia: Connecting Pittsburgh to 21st Century Film and Media" is one of 20 projects to receive 2021 Pitt Seed Grant Funding, the University of Pittsburgh announced today. Screenshot Asia is an annual Asian film festival that is scheduled for October, after having its first year cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2020.
The Screenshot: Asia Film Festival, starting October 2021, brings together students, faculty and community members around our interest in Asia as a rapidly developing and essential part of the 21st century global economy and our region’s shared love for contemporary film and media arts. The weeklong event will showcase films from northern Asia to the Middle East. Our themes, Global Asia (2021) and Inter/Media (2022), give us the flexibility to engage with local ethnic communities, Asian and Asian-American student interests, film lovers and the broader public eager to learn more about Asia while celebrating artistry, diversity and humanity through cinema.
It is scheduled to run October 6 - 10; the film line-up and other details will be announced later.