Saturday, April 2, 2022

2021 documentary Ascension (登楼叹) in Pittsburgh, April 7.

The 2021 documentary Ascension (登楼叹) will play in Pittsburgh on April 7 as part of this year's Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival.
Jessica Kingdon’s observational documentary Ascension delves into the “Chinese dream” and contemporary Chinese identity, primarily in its relation to social conditions, economic standing, and innovation. Captivating vignettes of the day-to-day lives of individuals shed light on the sharp differences that exist within the expanding social stratification. This documentary captures each level of capitalism as it exists in China, and the relentless pursuit of productivity that extends from the top of the power structure down to the individual level. Kingdon fixates on the impact of capitalism on the individual, and on the interconnected nature of the system as a whole. As the film moves across the social spectrum, the viewer is able to see how each level acts as a support for the next, and how mobility between levels is almost impossible.
It plays at the Harris Theater in downtown's Cultural District (map) from 7:30 pm, and tickets are available online.