Saturday, April 2, 2022

Matsuri 2022, April 16 at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Japanese Student Association at Carnegie Mellon University's annual Matsuri will be held on April 16 this year, with a theme of "East vs. West (関東 vs. 関西)."
Originally a sacred ceremony of the Shinto belief, now a day full of street food, games, and joyful performances, Matsuris are of great importance to the Japanese people, its culture, and its tradition.

We want to share a snippet of this eventful festival here in Pittsburgh, right on the Carnegie Mellon campus. Try a taste of freshly-made Japanese food, play traditional games, and enjoy a range of performances in our annual celebration of Japanese culture!

This year’s Matsuri will be on April 16th, from 10AM-5PM, located at Merson Courtyard (right outside of the Cohon University Center). Get ready for some authentic culture and fun!

Theme: East vs. West (関東 vs. 関西)
This year’s Matsuri is inspired by Eastern and Western Japan - more specifically, the Kanto (関東) and Kansai (関西) regions. Japan’s Eastern and Western cities have many cultural differences, whether it's the cooking styles for Japanese foods, the dialects used by the residents, or even which side one stands on the escalator. We wanted to bring awareness to these differences and celebrate them through this year’s theme.
It runs from 10 am to 5 pm, and tickets for food and games are now available online.