Thursday, June 20, 2024

1954 Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai (七人の侍) at Row House Lawrenceville, from July 12.

The 1954 Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai (七人の侍) will play at Row House Lawrenceville from July 12, part of the theater's Samurai Remix series.
We are thrilled to show the brand new 4k restoration of Akira Kurosawa’s thrilling, two-part masterpiece set in 16th century Japan that is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. When a village is invaded by bandits, they turn to seven samurai warriors for protection.
Showtimes and tickets are available online. The single-screen theater is located at 4115 Butler Street in Lawrenceville (map).

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