Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Japanese rock group ASH DA HERO performing in Pittsburgh this July at Tekko.

Japanese rock group ASH DA HERO will perform in Pittsburgh this July at Tekko, Pittsburgh's largest anime convention with special attention to Japanese animation, fashion, music, and entertainment. Their US talent agency describes the group:
ormed in September 2021 with 5 members: ASH (Vo.), Narukaze (Gt.), Sato (Ba.), WANI (Dr.), and Dhalsim (DJ).

ASH DA HERO is a new-age mixture rock band where the five talents met by fate.

With an ever-changing musical style, the band’s music has its roots in rock, punk, and hip hop. ASH’s vocal power and the band’s overwhelming live performance makes this band a must-see.
Tekko runs July 18 through 21 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center downtown (map), and tickets are available online. More specific show time and information will be posted later.

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