Monday, April 2, 2018

Fujiya Ramen coming to Pittsburgh, replacing Tan Izakaya.

via @fujiyaramen16.

Fujiya Ramen, with two locations in New York and New Jersey, is coming to Pittsburgh to replace Tan Izakaya. According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on March 28, Tan Izakaya——which opened August 2016——would close at the end of March, with the ramen place taking its spot at 815 S. Aiken Ave. (map).
"Fujiya Ramen," according to its website,
is the result of a passion for Japanese cuisine and collaboration between father and son, Minoru and Zen Yoshida. Minoru worked for more than 40 years making delicious ramen in both Tokyo and its surrounding Japanese prefectures. When he began his business in Tokyo in the 1960’s, ramen at the time only cost $1.40. Minoru’s business has come very far as his dream of opening a ramen shop in America has finally come true. We hope you will enjoy our family’s authentic ramen every time you visit.