Thursday, January 17, 2019

Japanese zombie comedy film One Cut of the Dead カメラを止めるな! ) in Pittsburgh, from January 18.

The 2017 Japanese zombie comedy film One Cut of the Dead (カメラを止めるな! ) will play in Pittsburgh from January 18. A 2018 Variety review says:
Viewers get three films for the price of one in “One Cut for the Dead,” a terrific Japanese horror-comedy that proves there’s somewhere the zombie apocalypse movie hasn’t yet gone. Writer-director-editor Shinichiro Ueda’s cleverly conceived and executed debut feature opens with an unbroken 37-minute shot of monster mayhem before hitting the reset button and turning into a funny satire of low-budget genre filmmaking — and eventually becoming a charming family comedy-drama. Packed with witty nods to classic horror movies, “One Cut” is a natural for genre fests and has such a warm and winning heart it could also fit into mainstream festival programs.
The movie runs from the 18th through 24th at the Harris Theater downtown (map). Showtimes are available online, though tickets are only available at the door. The Harris Theater is located at 809 Liberty Ave. in downtown's Cultural District (map).

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