Thursday, October 10, 2019

Taiwanese National Treasure (國家寶藏巡迴演講) mobile information session, October 12 at CMU.

Cafe Philo @ Pittsburgh will present a Chinese-language information session with three members of the New York-based Taiwan National Treasure Foundation on October 12 at Carnegie Mellon University. The event starts at 2:00 pm at 4623 Wean Hall (map).



唯獨這些資料並沒有數位化,要取得資料只能走進檔案局翻閱,除了少數研究人員外,一般民眾很難一窺究竟。所以,有一群有志之士因此成立了「台灣國家寶藏」團隊,建立翻拍app與開放的史料資料庫,並號召志工進行翻拍、文字識別與翻譯。試圖運用科技,並結合「台灣零時政府 -」的「開放資料」和「全民參與」精神,讓這些資料重新進入公眾視野內。
. . .
Over the past hundreds of years, countries such as the US and UK have been collecting intelligence records on Taiwan's societal customs, geography, and its people. These records offer a fresh perspective and distinct angle in reviewing the lives and stories that had happened on this island. This project aims to bring these documents within the sight of the public, so that everyone can forge their own stories that were never told before.