Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Watch first episode of La Grande Chaumière Violette (紫色大稻埕) with Pitt's Taiwanese Student Association, October 12.

The University of Pittsburgh's Taiwanese Student Association will watch the first episode of the 2016 drama La Grande Chaumière Violette (紫色大稻埕) on October 12 at the TSA Slumber Party.
Come join Taiwanese Student Association for a fun and chill slumber party movie night. We will be watching La Grande Chaumière Violette (紫色大稻埕). This is a tv show on Netflix, so you’re welcome to binge on it after we show the first episode.

A little information about this show:

It displays Taiwan in the 1920's during Japan's dominance and takes place in Da Dao Cheng (Twatutia in Taiwanese), which is the district where much of Taiwan's early history takes place. The tv show is based on a true story, and follows a young artist through his journeys of leading movements against the Japanese government. We see glimpses of Taiwan's early history of new infrastructure being built, trading, mini cultural revolutions to embrace art and the Taiwanese identity, and other significant events that lead up to modern Taiwan.

This is a Netflix and chill event so don’t forget to wear your pjs and bring your own blanket and plushies! Feel free to invite your friends too!
The event runs from 8 to 10 pm in 104 David Lawrence (map).