Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Justin Chon film Ms. Purple in Pittsburgh, November 9 and 14.

The 2019 American film Ms. Purple will play in Pittsburgh on November 9 and 14 as part of the Three Rivers Film Festival. The Sundance Institute provides a summary:
In the dark karaoke rooms of Los Angeles’s Koreatown stripmalls, Kasie works as a doumi girl, a young hostess paid to cater to rich businessmen’s capricious whims. As she struggles to hide her sorrow through soju- and MDMA-fueled nights, her mind is focused on one thing: earning enough tips to continue providing for her bedridden father. When her father’s caretaker unexpectedly quits, Kasie seeks help from her estranged brother, and the siblings are forced to reconnect and reconcile the suppressed trauma that lead to their separation.

Writer/director Justin Chon returns to the Sundance Film Festival (after winning a 2017 NEXT Audience Award for Gook) with another emotionally powerful love letter to Los Angeles. With a lavish sense of atmosphere and authenticity, Ms. Purple charts the lives of internally writhing individuals trapped by the expectations of their own family. Tiffany Chu perfectly embodies Kasie’s distress and anxiety as she grapples with the self-imposed burden of honoring her immigrant father until the day he dies.
It will play at the Regent Square Theater from 4:00 pm on November 9th and at 7:00 pm on November 14, and tickets are now available online.