Friday, March 10, 2023

Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia 3D and 2D at Carnegie Science Center, March 10 through May 29.

Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia 3D and 2D will play at the Carnegie Science Center's Rangos Giant Cinema from March 10 through May 29.

At the height of its power between the 9th and 15th centuries, Angkor, the capital of the Khmer empire, was a resplendent city, considered the most extensive urban complex of the pre-industrial world. But by the late 16th century, the empire was in its death throes. The people of Angkor left not a single word explaining their kingdom’s collapse.

Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia is visually stunning—an adventure where science, mystery, and ancient civilizations intersect, on a scale meant for the Giant Screen. Unravel Angkor’s ancient mysteries with archeologists and scientists who conceive ingenious methods, employ cutting edge technology, and even enlist the help of some unexpected furry friends. Come along this giant screen adventure to unveil the mysteries behind this lost jewel of Cambodia!

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia, it shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the west and northwest, and has a coastline at the Gulf of Thailand in the southwest. The remnants of Angkor, located in Cambodia’s northern province of Siem Reap, demonstrate that there was a high level of social order and ranking within the Khmer Empire. When it was vacated without explanation, it became one of many lost cultures. Come learn about Asian history and an Asian culture lost in time.

The length of this movie is 39 minutes.

Tickets are available online. The Carnegie Science Center is located at 1 Allegheny Ave. on the North Shore (map).

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