Sunday, March 12, 2023

Zen Shakuhachi Concert with Cornelius Boots, March 19 at Heinz Chapel.

Heinz Chapel will host "Zen Shakuhachi Concert & Meditation with Grandmaster Cornelius Boots" on March 19.
Cornelius Boots presents the living tradition of shakuhachi — the rare bamboo flute from ancient Japanese Buddhism. Meditation, music and nature form the roots of this earthy and ephemeral performing art. Natural bore (jinashi) and larger, low-pitched flutes (bass or alto) flutes are featured on this program: they provide a strong connection – for both the player and the listener – to a deeper, almost primeval past: echoes from the ancient days of the Earth.
The concert is $20 for general admission tickets, $10 for University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff, and free for University of Pittsburgh students. Heinz Chapel is located in Oakland, across the lawn from the Cathedral of Learning (map).

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