Thursday, March 2, 2023

Win-Win Kung Fu Culture Center 2023 Summer Intensive Program for kids' fitness, culture, and language training, now accepting applications; $30 discount with registration by May 31.

Win-Win Kung Fu Culture Center in Squirrel Hill is now accepting registration for its 2023 Summer Intensive Program, with a $30 discount on weekly tuition for registrations made by May 31.

Benefits of Win-Win Kung Fu Summer Intensive Program


  • Learn Kung Fu, free style Chinese kickboxing (sanda) and other forms of Chinese martial arts and Chinese language daily, with strong emphasis on the basics.

  • Focus greatly on exercise and conditioning and gain skills needed for other sports and activities as well.

  • Improve your concentration and focus with authentic Chinese martial arts training.

  • Boot camp for beginners

  • Intensive training for intermediate and advanced Wushu as well as a boot camp for beginners.


  • Learn Chinese language from a native and professional Chinese teacher

  • Give your mind a workout with Chinese Chess, Mahjong, Go and other games

  • Watch Chinese movies to learn Chinese language and culture.

  • At Win-Win Kung Fu we will try our best to bring you a fun and fruitful summer.

All kids aged between 6 and 15 years are encouraged to participate in this summer camp. Registration is free for Win-Win students and additional family members receive a 10% discount of weekly tuition.

Monday to Friday, 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p.m., with optional extended times until 5:30 p.m.

We are offering 4-week sessions beginning on

Week 1. July 24 – 28

Week 2. July 31 - August 4

Week 3. August 7 - 11

Week 4. August 14 - 18


  • Only up to 20 children will be admitted each week due to the limitation of the studio space.

  • Tuition is $200 per 5-day week before May 31st, or adding $30 late fee after.

  • You bring your own lunch, drink and snacks.

  • 20% tuition should be paid upon registration. 

Seats are limited, First Come First Serve!

You may sign up for one, two, three or four weeks.

Registration procedure for current Win-Win Kung Fu Students

  1. Fill out the selection form with weeks you are going to take.

  2. Pay 20% of total tuition.

  3. Pay the rest at the beginning of each week.

Registration procedure for non-current Win-Win Kung Fu Students

  1. Complete registration form attached and sign Waiver and Release of Liability 

  2. Fill out the selection form with weeks you are going to take.

  3. Pay 20% of total tuition with the registration.

  4. Pay the rest at the beginning of each week.

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