Monday, October 2, 2023

2022 Chinese film Return to Dust (隐入尘烟) in Pittsburgh, October 7, as part of SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Fest.

The 2022 Chinese film Return to Dust (隐入尘烟) will play in Pittsburgh on October 7 as part of this year's SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Fest.
In rural Gaotai county, two lonely, middle-aged outcasts are pushed into an arranged marriage by their families. Ma (Wu Renlin) is a humble farmer with little to offer his timid and sickly wife, Cao (Hai Qing), except for a small, abandoned house on a barren patch of land. From just a few seeds, their newly planted crops take root and flourish; and similarly, an unexpected bond between the two starts to blossom. As seasons pass their dedication to each other grows stronger but change and adversity soon threaten the idyllic existence they share.
It plays at 2:00 pm at 125 Frick Fine Arts Auditorium in Oakland (map) and tickets are available online. SCREENSHOT: Asia screenings are free to those with Pitt IDs, so those guests may show them at the door to gain entrance, space permitting.

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