Tuesday, October 3, 2023

2022 Taiwanese film Coo Coo 043 (一家子兒咕咕叫) in Pittsburgh, October 8, part of SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Fest.

The 2022 Taiwanese film Coo Coo 043 (一家子兒咕咕叫) will play in Pittsburgh on October 8 as part of this year's SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Fest.
In Taiwanese filmmaker Ching-lin Chan’s bracing feature debut, a pigeon returns after seven years, reopening a family’s old wounds and festering resentments in a town enmeshed in the illegal pigeon racing circuit. Pigeon 043 wasn’t the only one that went missing seven years ago; the other was their son, Shih, whose disappearance remains the irreparable wound in Pigeon Master Ching’s heart. The family’s barely-maintained peace is shattered by 043’s return, as Ching’s daughter, Lulu, brings a beaten-up boy named Tig back home. At first reluctant, Ching begins to see shades of Shih in Tig. This arrival of a drifting youngster brings changes to their lives. But also heralds an approaching storm.
It plays at 2:30 pm at 125 Frick Fine Arts in Oakland (map) and tickets are available online. SCREENSHOT: Asia screenings are free to those with Pitt IDs, and those guests may reserve tickets in advance as long as they bring their IDs with them to the event.

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