Wednesday, September 21, 2022

1997 Wong Kar-wai film Happy Together (春光乍洩), 2021 Taiwanese film Moneyboys (金錢男孩MONEYBOYS) at 2022 Reel Q Film Fest in October.

The schedule for the 2022 Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival was just announced, and it features the 2021 Taiwanese film Moneyboys (金錢男孩MONEYBOYS) and the 1997 Wong Kar-wai film Happy Together (春光乍洩) on October 8 and 15, respectively. A synopsis of Moneyboys, which plays on October 8 at the Row House Cinema:
Fei works illegally as a hustler in order to support his family, yet when he realizes they are willing to accept his money but not his way of life, there is a major breakdown in their relations. Through his relationship to the headstrong Long, Fei seems able to find a new lease on life, but then he encounters Xiaolai, the love of his youth, who confronts him with the guilt of his repressed past.
And a synopsis of Happy Together, which plays at on October 15th at a yet-undetermined location:
Join us for a special 30th anniversary of this landmark film. A gay couple from Hong Kong takes a trip to Argentina in search of a new beginning but instead begins drifting even further apart.
Tickets are available online. The full festival, featuring full-length and short films from all over the world, will run from October 6 through 15.

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