Sunday, September 18, 2022

Fourth edition of "Fail-Safe: Los Angeles x Pittsburgh"---featuring Asian-American artists Young Joon Kwak, Kim Ye, Caroline Yoo, Davine Byon, and Stephanie Tsong---at Kelly Strayhorn Theater, November 11 and 12.

The November 11 and 12 edition of "Fail-Safe: Los Angeles x Pittsburgh" will prominently feature a number of LA- and Pittsburgh-based Asian-American artists and performers.
Fail-Safe is a recurring variety performance show which brings together artists exploring performance across disciplines to present new experimental projects in early stages of development. Organized by Angela Washko, Scott Andrew, and Jesse Stiles, this fourth edition of Fail-Safe will create a dialogue about performance between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. Fail-Safe: Los Angeles x Pittsburgh comprises two evenings of new and in-progress performance works by interdisciplinary musicians, performance artists, and dancers from these two cities. On both evenings, visiting artists will be preceded by a lineup of Pittsburgh-based artists whose practices share affinities.

On November 11th, Los Angeles-based artists Young Joon Kwak and Kim Ye present a new experimental performance work from their series Rites of Matrilineal Dissent. The digitally mediated performance takes audiences through a journey of failure and discovery, of new selves and new bodies, and new forms of love and kinship. Pittsburgh artists include Caroline Yoo, Goofy Toof, London Williams, and MICHIYAYA Dance featuring Anya Clark.

On November 12th, visiting artist duo Xina Xurner (Marvin Astorga and Young Joon Kwak) will present their cathartic music performance combining DIY and power electronics, mutated vocals, and bad drag to expand ideas about queer and trans bodies. Pittsburgh artists include Swampwalk, Sacred Sauce (Samira Mendoza & Gladstone Butler), and Davine Byon. The performances will be followed by a dance party hosted by Formosa (Jellyfish).

Please be advised: these performances will explore the topic of sexuality and some may include nudity.
Tickets are available online. The Kelly Strayhorn Theater is located at 5941 Penn Ave. in East Liberty (map).

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