Monday, September 26, 2022

PF BBQ (匹夫小馆) opens in Oakland, in former Sichuan Gourmet spot.

PF BBQ (匹夫小馆)) has recently opened in Oakland. It is located at 238 Atwood St. (map), in the location of the former Oakland branch of Sichuan Gourmet. The original Squirrel Hill Sichuan Gourmet location remains open, but the Oakland branch that opened in 2015 closed at the start of COVID. Not much information exists about PF BBQ yet, but here is a quick photo of the menu:

It does appear in the Chinese-language version of the Ricepo app, but not the English-language one. Menu items include several varieties of grilled fish, several hot pot selections, pickle pepper frog, konjac hot pot duck, stir-fried clams, and more.

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